Art+Tech Miniconf 2019

Ngā Mihi / Introduction

Open sharing of methods and materials has been a part of art-making around the world since the invention of pigments for painting the walls of caves.

Today, technology is expanding the boundaries of art in ways that were previously unimaginable. Open source hardware and software has become a foundational building block for a new wave of creative practices, enabling artists and inventors to stand on the shoulders of giants to build on top of emerging platforms, incorporate generative methods and even invent our own tools.

As part of 2019, we are presenting this single-day, single-track miniconf on Tuesday 22nd January, exploring the creative and expressive uses of technology to make things that are beautiful, interesting, surprising and sometimes even useful.

Call for Proposals

We’re looking for proposals from artists, engineers, scientists, designers, crafters and hobbyists who are using open source technologies and creating interesting things in areas such as:

How to Submit

The call for proposals is now open! To submit a proposal, create a new account or log in to an existing account on, go to the Dashboard area and follow the instructions under New Proposal, or follow this direct link to the submission form for an Art + Tech Talk.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like help with your submission.


Alongside the talks, we are planning a pop-up exhibition/expo of artworks and projects from the miniconf speakers, giving conference attendees an opportunity to explore the works up close and talk to the artists and makers. This will be held at the University of Canterbury on Thursday 24th of January. The exibition is completely optional for miniconf speakers but if you do want to participate, please opt-in when you submit your proposal.

Tickets & Financial Assistance is a community run conference. All presenters are required to purchase a ticket to attend. We are working with the organisers to potentially make a ‘miniconf only’ ticket available but we are unable to confirm this yet.

There may also be limited financial assistance available to cover expenses for speakers. We will try to accommodate as many requests for assistance as possible within our limited budget.

Organisers & Contact

The 2019 Art+Tech Miniconf is run by Mark Rickerby / @maetl and Kris Howard / @web_goddess.

Contact us via email at

2018 Highlights

Highlights from the inaugural Art+Tech Miniconf in Sydney. You can browse live tweets from the day under the #lca2018 #artandtech hashtags and watch videos of the talks.